The Little Helper

By Sandra Asante

This is YOUR opportunity to get a



copy of


The Little Helper


with a custom message of your choice and autograph by the author!


For the super low price of $39.99+ s/h


This is a limited-time offer!.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to own a limited-edition copy of The Little Helper!

This limited edition is ONLY available through this unique website promotion and not available in stores or online!

If you were lucky until recently, the only way to get a “limited-edition” personalized copy was to wait in long lines for hours at bookstore signings.

NOW, you can have a personalized copy with YOUR message written to your child or grandchild for a special low price!

  • Unique recognition of achievement such as kindergarten graduation!
  • Surprise with a special birthday gift!
  • Ideal for a long trip to keep kids entertained and learning!
  • ANY occasion is an appropriate time for The Little Helper!

Your child will be amazed to see their name written in the author’s handwriting!

It makes an exceptional and unique gift that will instill values and integrity for years to come!

This is the “character building” book that your child cannot be without!

The Little Helper imageMultitude of wonderful Benefits

  • Positive affirmation of achievement!
  • Boosts positive self-Image!
  • Shows ways they can help and contribute!
  • Chanel energy in positive directions!
  • Teaches empathy and service to others!
  • Reinforces self-worth!

Key amazing Features

  • Custom message and autograph NOT available anywhere else!
  • Available in durable, protected hardcover!
  • Full-color layout with vibrant colors!
  • Large print for easy reading!
  • Hardcover outer cover is moisture resistant and cleans easily!

Free  Bonuses

  • Free Bookmark (while supplies last)
    • Personalized as well for NO EXTRA COST!
  • Certificate of Authenticity* certifies the author’s signature
    • Included with every personalized order!

*Not an actual photo of certificate

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