The Little Helper

By Sandra Asante

Sandra Asante Classy Lady

A Labor Of Love

My love of children goes back to when my mother started a family daycare. I helped with the administrative tasks, but my favorite part was working with the children.

Today, more than ever, we need a safe place for children to go for working mothers and two-income families. That daycare was a constant source of amazement! It would always amaze me how children showed their resourcefulness at such young ages. Children are a never-ending source of wonder and creativity. These experiences became the motivation for “The Little Helper!”

Hope For The Future

Observing those children and then later in my career seeing first-hand delinquency in the criminal justice system. I realized that too many children do not have the encouragement and support they need. We need better a better support system for children coming from dysfunctional households and those who suffer from shattered dreams. I thought what if one child could be encouraged to follow their dreams instead of settling for mediocrity or succumbing to the frustration of poverty.

What if the desire to help could be encouraged at the youngest ages?

What if…

The Little Helper image
The Little Helper image

Stand With Me

We need our children as much as they need us! I am encouraged by the children that have shined with potential through the pandemic. Some have started businesses and many others found ways to help members of their community that could no longer leave the house. This is an encouraging trend I hope my book will build on and spur on many others to achieve!

My goal is to show every child that I come into contact with that they are LOVED… they are VALUED … and they have something to GIVE the world! It’s as much a lesson for ADULTS as it is for children to be reminded that our “Little Helpers” are the world’s greatest assets!